Have your table charge your smart phone

In the long lasting quest to live greener, use less and at least not cause too much harm I have always thought that our dependence on electronics was a bit of a dodge.

The constant charging and re-charging as well as the upgrades seem to far outweigh the slight drop in paper usage and time saved.

The way around it is to make the charging not dependent on the energy grid and the components upgradable and fully, easily recyclable.  At least one of my thoughts is answered by this cool table / electric generator:

The Current table by ,Marjan van Aubel gathers and harvests energy from daylight to charge appliances.

The table’s glass surface contains a Dye Sensitised Solar Cell that, based on photosynthesis, uses the properties of color to create an electrical current. Unlike classic solar cells, these colored cells don’t need direct sunlight and are able to function under diffused light.

Current Table by Marjan van Aubel_7

Full article here on 3-Ring

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