Eco Friendly Mini Binder – A Half Sheet Notebook Binder With Style

When you need a small 3-ring binder, the eco friendly notebook binder is the way to go.

Portable, classy and 100% recyclable, the Naked Binder notebook binders are perfect for meetings, cheaper than a moleskin for jotting down ideas and drawings, great for keeping kids in the car occupied and also great for co-ordinating information at Art Festivals, conferences, corporate offices or universities.

Half sheet naked binder

Easily customizable with labels, temporary tattoos, laser etching, screen printing, hand drawing, letterpress or a million other ideas, a notebook binder is a great way to save space and have a great portable binder.


  • 1″ D-ring holds 220 sheets of paper
  • Made with 100% FSC certified post consumer waste paper (100% Recycled Binders!)
  • 100% Recyclable binders!
  • Super strong: tested to 250,000 Flexes (opening and closings of the binder).
  • Holds 5.5 x 8.5″ paper
  • Dimensions:   Spine 1-3/4″    Height 9-3/8″    Width 6-3/8″

Half sheet Mini Notebook Binders – eco friendly and proud.





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