Interesting People: Budding Farmers

Naked Binder is always interested in people doing amazing things, teaching and creating.  Budding Farmers is an organization that works with kids to connect them with their food, where it comes from and how it all works.

Budding Farmers - a quick profile from Naked Binder

Budding Farmers was launched in 2013 by farmer-educator Monica Irwin after her years of experience working within the local food system as a farmer, farmer’s market manager, community educator, and good food activist.  It was founded on the premise that all kids should know where their food comes from and why they should be eating healthy food.  The intention of Budding Farmers is to make fruits and vegetables fun thus creating a culture where children want to eat their veggies!

In 2013, the Budding Farmers program was offered at over 20 farmers markets and CSA farms throughout the Midwest and Northeast United States.  Hundreds of children learned about and ate seasonal fruits and vegetables through Budding Farmers! We’re excited to expand and offer this unique and engaging program to even more children across the US as we continue to grow.~

Check out their site: Budding Farmers

The awesome newsletters: The Budding Farmers Beet

Activities and more!

Live green, eat well and do good things!

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