A Loft of Ideas – Or at least Dreams

I always seem to live in a house like I am about to move.  We rarely update the things that are inconvenient or just wrong.  We just live with it.

So when I see places like this, I see a playground of ideas and get a little inspiration to get off my ever increasing kiester and get to work.

houzz blog - very excellent loft


Houzz Blog - Amazing loft - house design

Do I want a cedar soaking tub? Absolutely.  I may have to annex my son’s room to have the room for it, but he might be OK with that.

A lot of the materials are recycled or re-purposed meaning that while this place is a little over the top for most of us, it is consistent with our ideal of recycling and green living.  Love some parts of this place!

For more of this loft or for house and interior design, check out the post on Houzz.

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