Getting ready for School? Is it too soon?

Getting ready for going back to school takes a little more time if you are trying to do it with green school supplies.

While you don’t need to panic at this point, it may be wise to start looking at where you can get your green eco friendly school supplies.

A few hints.

School Binders.

Many schools put out a list of what they think your kids will need for the school year. These lists almost always specify 3-ring school binders, often vinyl binders. No offense to your school, but often their supply lists were made a long time ago and haven’t been updated.  I ran into this and ended up supplying the whole class with recycled binders, since the teacher was so excited.

We at Naked Binder know that you have choices, but there are things to consider when looking.

How long will it last? Cardboard binders are cheaper, but…cardboard binders.  Vinyl binders will fail at the hinge meaning you have to duct tape the cover back on in a few months. Naked Binders will not fail at the hinge – we had it flexed 250,000 times at a lab and it was still working.

Ring size does not = Binder spine size. Most often, the Big Box stores sell binders by spine size which tells you only how much space it takes up on a shelf, but nothing else.  Naked Binder uses ring size as a measure of exactly how many sheets go in a binder. We do have the dimensions of our binders listed on the shopping page to help relieve confusion.

3-ring binder ring sizing chart - Naked Binder

3-ring binder dimensions, 1" binder, 1.5" binder, 2" binder







Is it non-toxic and recyclable? Asking this question just eliminates vinyl binders. The answer to those questions is that vinyl is toxic and not recyclable anywhere you can go.

School Paper

The higher the recycled content, the better for the forests.  The cost does go up however, so you may have to look around.  For scratch pads, we generally use paper that was printed one sided, cut in half and put in a notebook binder (a half sheet 3-ring binder).  Easy to care, reuses waste paper and it is contained which is useful with kids.

Clothes and jackets

My kids grows like a weed, so buying new clothes all the time is an expensive hobby. If you have older siblings or cousins see if you can get their old clothes.  Chances are a lot of what you get is basically new since all kids seem to be picky about what they wear.

Thrift and second hand stores are also useful, but if you have good connections with parents, organize a clothes swap party where parents have food (and drinks?) and bring in everything they can’t use anymore.  (this works for adults too!)  Worried your kid will not have the newest clothes? As a third child not having new clothes until I was old enough to buy them, I find myself singularly unscarred by the experience.

That is all for today.  Remember, eco friendly school supplies can be harder to come by in your local stores, so expect to put a little more time in your search.  On the other hand, you are a hero to a generation and training your child to do right by the planet.


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