Notebook Binders – Awesome Recycled Mini Binders

Ah notebook binders! Strong half sheet mini binders that fit in your bag or briefcase and make you look good!

smaller organization binder

What is a notebook binder?

A notebook binder holds half sheets of standard US paper – so each piece of paper is 5.5″ wide x 8.5″tall. About the size of your tablet, a notebook binder offers the ease of carrying with the tactile joy of doodling creative sketches.

A Recycled Notebook Binder?

All the Naked Binder notebook binders are made from 100% post consumer waste paper, so no trees were hurt making them.  On top of that, these notebook binders are super strong and 100% recyclable making them one of the most eco friendly 3-ring binders ever.

Where do I get this fine mini 3 ring binder?

Why at Naked Binder of courseHalf sheet Notebook Binders - Naked Binder! We have a bare board notebook binder or one with a blue cloth spine wrap!

Seriously, opening one of these at a big meeting will blow minds and start a rush to be just like you.

Recycled Notebook Binders!





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