6 Ways to Customize a 3 Ring Binder for Meetings, Conferences and Proposals

Big proposal, important meeting, impending conference and you need a 3 ring binder to hold all of your materials, support your brand and reinforce your values.

Start with what you need to support your values and your brand: Custom, recycled, recyclable, and strong 3 ring binders.

Getting a vinyl or plastic binder says one thing about you, as does a binder that feels like it may fall apart. Since you have options, get a 3 ring binder that is not only 100% post consumer waste, 100% recyclable, but also perhaps the strongest 3 ring binder in the world, Naked Binder.

Branding a 3-ring binder:

Depending on how many binders you need, different approaches will fit your needs.  For small quantities, getting custom printed 3 ring binders can be expensive and may be too much for the situation. With a little creativity, even the simple processes that you can do at the office or home, from labeling to screen printing) look fantastic.  If you need more, say 50 binders and up, having someone else do the work makes a lot of sense and gives you more options.

1.  Labeling.  $   Great Flexibility

Naked Binder - bare board binder with label

Maximum creative possibility with minimum $.  This requires a printer and a computer that allows you to design with photos, text or other things you like.

This was done from a photo of a rail car printed on a full sheet Avery label, trimmed and applied to the spine of the binder.

Organizing a green business? Make a label template and only change the text of what is in the binders.  This gives a clean look to your entire shelf.

2. Temporary Tattoos.  $ Unique look

Temporary-Tattly Tattoo binder

Temporary tattoos offer a unique and fun alternative to labeling.  With no white backgrounds, the bare board (or colored paper) shines through.

Unique shapes and color make this the poor man’s foil stamping. Or the hip woman’s creative branding.

3. Screen Printing  $ Fun and versatile

aiga-green-binder - Naked BinderIf you have mad skills (or know someone who does), screening is a great option for both the bare board binders and the New Project Binders.

The binders screen really well and screen print shops around the country have printed on them with no trouble.

4. Digitally Printed Binders $ – slightly more

Corporate Image: digitally printed binder

Now, you can’t get this through Naked Binder, but you can get it through their sister company Corporate Image.

This digitally printed 3-ring binder is fully cased and lined, giving you a fully finished look with lots of room for art!

Minimum order is 50, and they are great for proposals and conferences, big meetings… or anything really.

5. Offset Printed Binders -depending on quantity can be very low $

offset printed portfolio Binder

When you need the very best printed 3-ring binders, offset printing is the way. While digital printing has become really clean, offset is still a step up ( a little like digital photos and film – film just gives that little extra).

At Corporate Image (again) the minimum quantity is 250, so this is for larger runs.  These give some great shelf presence for architecture offices, financial and healthcare binders.

6. Foil Stamping. $+ quantity affects price deeply but: Feeling Classic?

foil stamped 3-ring binder for classic look

Foil Stamping gives that feel of a really good book. You can stamp on cloth, printed binders, or bare board.

Clean, elegant and eye catching, many industries are doing this but we find financial institutions like the sense of permanence and elegance it provides.

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