Recycled, Recyclable, Eco Friendly and Acid Free Pocket Folders

A good recycled pocket folder acts as an organizational tool, keepers of artifacts, your new start-up ideas and your kids pictures.

What you put in a pocket folder is important to you, so why we make folders that work, look good and won’t harm your papers.

Insertable clip in pocket for 3-ring binders - Naked Binder

A well designed pocket folder takes into account the future. All of our recycled, eco friendly pocket folders are acid neutral – meaning that they won’t yellow your newspapers, photos or ideas.

On top of that, the Naked Binder bare board pocket folders are made from up to 100% post consumer waste paperboard.  Recycled and recyclable with a slightly tactile feel in the hand, our pocket folders offer sustainable and elegant organization that fits in the boardroom, the yoga studio and the home office.

Color can vary a little from a light gray to a somewhat browner gray.  Our 2-pocket folders are a bit more on the browner gray right now due to the post consumer waste in the mix.

Whether you are organizing papers for the board meeting, a green conference, your grandmother’s recipes or 2nd grade art, let your pocket folder protect your papers as well as store them.

Elegant, recycled, recyclable pocket folders. Making organization more fun and better designed!

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