Are Plastics Toxic? One take on Plastic information.

Plastics have become an everyday part of our lives, but are there issues we need to consider?

know your plasticsWhat are the issues inherent in the type of plastic should that, say, you have it on the shelf as a vinyl binder or as a cup you drink out of.  As we become more aware of  of what we are putting into our bodies (and the pacific gyre).

This  graphic is obviously not by the plastics industry (which I am sure has a different take on this), but might be something to get you more curious as to how plastics can affect you, if they are affecting you and what you can do about it.  While we are not advocating wide spread panic about these, it is useful and instructive to know what you are surrounding yourself with.

There is a reason that Corporate Image and Naked Binder do not use PVCs.  The studies on the issues with PVC are clear and the issues are huge.  While the are not banned in the USA, many industries (car manufacturers, shoe manufacturers, makers of children’s toys and a whole lot more) are voluntarily cutting use of PVC and other vinyls.

For more information on vinyl or recycling vinyl binders you can look here.  Wikipedia has a history and a lot of references on plastics here and the EPA information on PVC here.

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