The Naked Binder Woodie: A Real Wood 3 Ring Binder

Introducing the Naked Binder Woodie.

Imagine a 3 ring binder. Now imagine the feel of wood in your hand, the warmth and swirl of the wood grain, and the deep rich color.

Whether you have it in your corner office on the 33rd floor or your home design office, this is a 3 ring binder that not only helps keep you organized, but stimulates your senses.

Available in Birch ( a light colored wood with more subtle graining) or Cherry (darker wood), you can match these to your environment like a fine wine to a good meal. Even better, they work like a dream. Made in the same super strong way all Naked Binders are made out of one piece of 100% pcw board with the wood applied inside and out. The edges are flush cut (the paperboard shows through on the edges)

wood 3 ring binders by Naked Binder

The wood binders are available in with a 1″ D ring or a 1.5″ D ring. A 1″ D ring holds about 220 sheets of paper, a 1.5″ D ring binder holds about 350 sheets.

Is it sustainable?  You know how we worry…

We picked our mill very carefully. Our partner, Graphic Wood Technologies, developed a process which allows them to paper-back real wood to be used as a covering material. Here’s more about them in their own words:

“(Graphic Wood Technologies’) story is not one of a lumber mill with 100 years of history and burly men wearing flannel (although we do occasionally sport a flannel during our blustery winters) while cutting wood with giant saws, mounds of sawdust everywhere. We are a young company with a long history of doing things with wood that others within the industry said just could not be done. We’re a passionate group of people bringing a ground breaking product to market while proudly manufacturing that product in the USA. People, passion and place – words that define our company.”

Fun, right? All of the wood used in their process is locally sourced, primarily from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois or Pennsylvania. Every single log is hand selected, and they refuse to source from other countries where they cannot confirm whether resources are sustainably harvested. Each and every log is traceable back to the 40-acre parcel where it was harvested, and for every log used, Graphic Wood Technologies donates 10-15 tree seedlings through the Arbor Day Foundation.

Naked Binder is also planting a tree fro every wood binder we sell. Overall, this should increase the tree coverage significantly over the next few years.

How can you customize your Wood Binder without hurting it?

We thought about that a lot.  We labeled them, and they look great, but what if we want to use it for something else?

With that in mind, we found a great clip on label holder:

3 ring binder label holder

Now you can label your 3 ring binder in a classy way without hurting the binder itself.  We are working on getting a large enough distribution to offer these for all of our binders, but for now, we only offer them with the Naked Binder Woodie!

Wrap it up there Shakespeare.

The Naked Binder Woodie marks a giant step forward in what a 3 ring binder can do for you. The tactile enjoyment of holding a wood binder, the prestige and adoration of your office mates as they check it out and wish they had one and the little piece of nature that you are bringing to your organizing all add up to make you a little happier.

At least that is how it happened here. Every prototype has been snatched from the testing shelves and are now on desks everywhere.

A 3 ring binder made of wood. Finally, organization meets nature!

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