Templates for Metal Clip-on label holders (for your cool wood 3 ring binder)

Your wood Naked Binder is the coolest thing ever.  Now to design an amazing label for it!

We can help you with a template for you metal clip on label holder. (Download it here)

The label itself is 1-1/8″ wide x 2.5″ tall. Using the template you can either type your information in word or make a fancy label in a design program.

You can change the label easily without removing the label holder, so even if you relabel the same binder for every meeting, it won’t hurt the binder!

Wood binder with labels - naked binder

The label holders just slide onto your binder, so if you want to rebrand your binder, or just have it a simple, beautiful elemental binder, you can remove the holder.3 ring binder label holder

Don’t forget to download your label template for the metal label holder!

4 thoughts on “Templates for Metal Clip-on label holders (for your cool wood 3 ring binder)

  1. Hi there, I’m looking for two ring binders that I can decorate myself and add my own personal touch to! I couldn’t find the actual size of the folder and dimensions of the folder either?! Please may you send me the sizing of the folder?! Thank you very much.
    Kind Regards Livvy! X

    • Hi Livvy! The binder dimensions are listed on each of the binder pages in the shopping cart. If you scroll down a bit there is a tab on the left that is labeled “binder dimensions”. Hope that helps!


    • Hello Veronica,

      We can (and do!). We measure our binders by the ring size, which gives an accurate measure of how much paper a binder will hold vs. how much space it takes on a shelf.

      The first question we get with that is: How do you measure a ring size?

      The flat side of a D-ring is part you measure when figuring out ring size. If you are currently using a round ring, you measure the diameter from top to bottom.

      Naked Binders are configured to hold 8.5″ x 11″ paper (US standard paper).

      And then to your question: Binder Dimensions

      1″ D-ring Binder
      Spine 1-3/4″

      Height 11-5/8″

      Width 10-15/16″

      1.5″ D-ring Binder
      Spine 2.5″

      Height 11-5/8″
Width 11-3/8″

      2″ D-ring Binder
      Spine 2-7/8″
 Height 11-5/8″

      Width 12-1/16″

      2.5″ D-ring Binder
      Spine 3-3/8″

      Height 11-5/8″
Width 12.5″

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