We Won Best 3 Ring Binder in North America!

So your eco friendly, recycled binder manufacturer, Naked Binder, beat out all the other binder manufacturers in North America to win the Eska Frog Award for Best Binder in North America.

Boy are we proud.

Which one of our binders won? You may have already guessed.

Winner Best Binder in North America

The beauty is that we are now on our way to the contest for Best Binder in the World! Our fine wood binder is competing with the winners of South and Central America, Asia, Europe and Africa to see who makes the best 3-ring binder in the world. I would like to point out that we sent a binder straight off the production line – no fancy embellishment, no tricks – this is the same binder you get when you order from Naked Binder.

Some companies create one off samples for a contest like this, but you know us, we think our binders are the best already. There is no need to invent a new binder if you already make awesomeness.

(yes, we are proud of our binders!)

Not only is the wood 3 ring binder beautiful, and strong, but now you can brag about having the best binder. Let your office be a showpiece!

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