Best Back To School Binders – Recycled, strong binders

The best back to school binders for your grade schooler may not be the best school binder for your college student, so we offer some ideas of what can work for you.

Winner Best Binder in North AmericaGett eh best proposal binders - Naked BInderBare Board, eco friendly, recycled and recyclable 3 ring binders - Naked Binder

College Student Binders

Suave, sophisticated, and reading Chaucer, your college student needs binders that are as high brow as they are…wait. That wasn’t my college experience… For your college students, everything Naked Binder carries will work, from the 2.5″ D-ring super eco friendly Naked Binder to the cool and sophisticated (even architectural) Wood binders. But still we have recommendations:

Art Students and Conservationists: The bare board Naked Binders. The most eco friendly, recycled binder with the added benefit of being a blank canvas for your art.

Architects, design students, and hipsters: The Naked Binder Woodie. With it’s fine lines and real wood cover and liner, this wood 3 ring binder is a design element that every office should have. Be the envy of your friends and have the coolest desk around.

Philosophy and theater students: The black project binder. Mirror your inner most existential thoughts with your binders. Perfect for Sam Shepard and Becket plays.

The humanities: New project binders. With 4 colors, these recycled and recyclable binders will give you the options to express yourself.

Sciences: Could be anything in our line. The sustainability factor is great across the binder spectrum, and depending on your field what you need will vary. Tend toward the huge 2″ and 2.5″ D-rings to hold all the notes on your experiments.

Middle School and High School Binders

What you need is strength in a 3 ring binder. You may never have met a binder that could last a school year, so you are in the right place. The Naked Binder line is stronger than any vinyl or plastic binder, so you won’t have to duct tape the cover back on your binders. Bear in mind, these are all paper based so swimming disasters, puddles, water fights and other liquids will leave a mark.

Use 1″ d-rings for everyday and keep a larger 2.5″ D-ring binder at home to organize all the notes for the semester / year!

Grade and Middle School Binders

Strong binders are important, but lets face it, these poor kids are hauling too much stuff. As long as the school doesn’t mandate full size binders, use half sheet notebook binders, they fit easily in backpacks and are great for anything the kids need. There is no reason for full size paper in most cases, so switch to a smaller, bust still super strong, binder for the younger kids school binders!

3-ring Binders are great for school – they offer the flexibility, ease of use, and the ability control how much paper you are carrying at any one time. For almost everyone, I recommend carrying a smaller ring binder with what you need for that week / month, and keeping a larger ring binder in your room with the years notes. If something does go wrong (floods, friends…) most of your notes will be safe!

Good luck with school, supplies, learning and all the rest. And we hope you find the best 3-ring binders for your back to school needs!

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