Teacher Discount for Back to School

Calling all teachers! If you need 3-ring binders and folders for your classrooms and educating needs – Naked Binder has a discount for you!

Half sheet Notebook Binders - Naked BinderWhy? Teachers are the best.

You work with our kids, our parents, and us so we understand everything from math, philosophy, reading, languages, dance and movement, how to think, how to learn…Teachers are the people who help us become and be the people we want to be. So this is our way of saying,”Thanks.”

How about a recycled 3-ring Binder?

All the Naked Binder binders are made from 100% post consumer waste paper, so no trees were hurt making them.  On top of that, these binders are super strong and 100% recyclable making them one of the most eco friendly 3-ring binders ever.

From our mini, notebook binders to our 2.5″ D-ring Naked Binders, our binders are built to last. Our pocket folders (both 1 pocket and 2 pocket folders) are also strong, recycled, and recyclable.

Winner Best Binder in North AmericaEven the new binders – the Naked Binder Woodie – made from our 100% pcw waste binders board on the inside with thinly sliced real wood on the outside – is available for the discount. This is the binder that just won the “Best Binder in North America” contest! Beautiful.

Where do I get this coupon?

Why at Naked Binder of course! Just email us with the name of the school you teach at and we will email you the code.

Thanks, teachers! We are fans.

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