Ever need a Pocket Folder in your binder?

3-ring binders are great if everything your are adding to it is 3-hole punched. But what if it is not?

We thought of that:

Clip in pocket folders.

An eco friendly pocket folder for a 3-ring binderWalking with a binder that has loose paper stacked in it is tempting fate. We have all dumped a pile of paper out at one point or another – usually in a puddle next to your car as you search for your keys in the rain.

The binder pocket is a pocket folder that is 3 hole punched so you can clip it into your binder. The Naked Binder binder pocket is designed with extra room to hold 25 sheets of paper easily, as well as a business card and even a brochure or DVD.

Whether you are at a conference, a board meeting or a multivariate calculus class, a binder pocket can help keep you organized and help you stop spilling paper all over the place.

Naked Binder, being who we are, makes all of our pocket folders to be 100% recycled and recyclable, with no plastics or vinyls. Constructed to be strong with double layers at the hole punches, these binder pockets / pouches will last.

Check out an eco friendly binder pocket! You can see them here!

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