Proposal Binders – Make your proposal binder as special as your proposal

Presentation of your proposal is important A few things set your proposal apart from everyone else. The most important should be content.  Lets face it, you are a genius and not to pick your proposal is insane. But… I have served on a number of boards and panels and, sadly, the reality is that perception […]

Open House! Tonight! For Naked Binder / Corporate Image

Corporate Image(ination) is an event bringing designers from the Midwest, from graphic designers to packaging designers together to talk about designing and manufacturing packaging, and sustainable practices. People will be able to go into the plant to see how products are made, attend design clinics, as well as talk to our product designers and staff […]

Sustainable Pocket Folders.

A good recycled pocket folder acts as an organizational tool, keepers of artifacts, your new start-up ideas and your kids pictures. What you put in a pocket folder is important to you, so why we make folders that work, look good and won’t harm your papers. A well designed pocket folder takes into account the future. All of our […]

So what do you really think? Cognitive Biases that mess with your decisions.

All day you are asked to make decisions that affect your life, your work, your kids… The question is, on what basis are you making those decisions?  Business Insider has a great graphic that lists cognitive biases. At Naked Binder, we work hard to not presuppose, but really look at the data and make good […]