The Gift for (Sustainable) Designers

Stay calm, cool, and sustainable this year!

This is the season where people run around like crazy trying to find gifts for people. Think crowded malls full of plastic things and crazed people.

What the designer in your life needs is elegant, functional and makes their life better.

wood 3 ring binders by Naked Binder

Naked Binder is pleased to be able to offer a 3 ring binder that can make organization fun. Your designer will excited as the Naked Binder Wood 3 ring binder graces their office or studio with beautiful design, natural wood and a lot of class.

The wood 3 ring binders are also a gift that keeps giving. Not only are they super strong and will last a long, long time, but we plant a tree for each binder we sell.

We all need to get organized. So get your designer organized in style!


One thought on “The Gift for (Sustainable) Designers

  1. Very cool. I am a binder junkie and the idea of having on that is also environmentally friendly makes my day. Really appreciate the heads up on this one!

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