The Sustainability of a 3-ring Binder

Business is seeing the benefits of creating a more sustainable workplace.

From health benefits, happier employees, benefits to the environment and sizable savings in spending, sustainability is a winning, and growing, movement.

Together with our custom binder sister company, Corporate Image, we have spent 3 decades of being a sustainable manufacturer have helped us raise the bar for the entire North American binder and presentation products field. Corporate Image creates products that will last, but not at the cost of the environment.

Benefits of recyclable binders and folders

You pay to have people pick up your trash everyday. Imagine if there were a lot less of it. A large company, say a law firm, architectural firm or financial organization, will create a lot of waste. If your binders and pocket folders are vinyl, someone has to separate all the materials from the binders and all those binders are trash.

Benefits of recycled materials

And we quote,”And to use something as elegant as a tree? Imagine this design assignment: Design something that makes oxygen, sequesters carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, makes complex sugars and foods, changes colors with the seasons, and self-replicates. and then why don’t we knock that down and write on it?” William McDonough

Benefits of not using vinyl

Poisonous to make, off-gassing for the lifetime of use which causes health issues, poisonous to dispose of (all to landfill – no one recycled it- where contaminates leach into ground water and burn in the 9500 landfill fires in the US every year.

Better options

If you can get a 3-ring binder that is stronger, recycled, recyclable and doesn’t look like a grade school binder why wouldn’t you?

A Naked Binders saves you money on replacing and disposing the binders, helps keep you healthier and looks a lot better.

When we conceived of the Naked Binder, we were committed to doing things the right way. Every one of our 3-ring binders is made in the USA from FSC certified 100% post-consumer waste binder’s board.

Even our wood binders are sustainable sourced in the US, and trees are planted for each binder to replace the tree that helped make them. Each tree cut becomes thousands of trees through this program.

Naked Binder and Corporate Image  believe in the importance of sustainable living and working, and work hard to provide you solutions that you can use in your office or home that are great for you and the Earth.

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