Proposal Binders – Stand Out with better Quality

Put your proposal in a beautiful, sustainable package.

One thing is certain about all proposals – from first glance to deep read, it has to stand out. This is true of architectural proposals, as well as financial, tenure, and arts related proposals.

Naked Binder has the proposal binders you need. Beautiful, strong, sustainable, recyclable and available. (You know if you are sending proposals, being able to get your binders quickly is key to lowering stress!).


Proposal binders with color. The New Project Binders come in four colors. made with 100% post consumer waste board and ecological fibers paper, these binders are  not only beautiful, but eco friendly and strong.


The Naked Binder Woodie is a unique wood 3-ring binder that will definitely grab attention. Using our 100% post consumer waste board and covered with a thin layer of real wood – either cherry or birch – a wood binder offers the tactile feel of wood, the strength of a Naked Binder and a wow factor for your proposal.


Go elemental with a bare board Naked Binder. This is the heart of all of our 3-ring binders. 100% post consumer waste binders that have been tested to 250,000 flexes. That means that you can use that 3-ring binder 20 times a day for over 30 years. 100% recyclable. 100% recycled board. 100% awesome.

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