The Most Eco Friendly 3-ring Binders

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. These are considered the basic tenants of eco friendly thinking. At Naked Binder, we take these into consideration – and more.


Reduce. Use less.

This is perhaps the most important part of the trio. Even eco-friendly binders and products require energy to use, transport and recycle. There is waste in production of both the end product as well as the component parts. If you use less, that translates to a greater savings than merely having a good product.

Our 3-ring Binders are stronger.

We addressed this issue by examining the binders on the shelves of office supply stores. Because of poor construction, they fall apart quickly – mostly, the covers fall off.

Our binders were designed to last ten years and lab tested to 250,000 flexes without fail,  so you save money and use less. Our covers will not fail you.

Recycle. Recycled paper uses less water, energy and creates less waste. Also, less trees.

We use the best materials.

We craft our products from 100% FSC certified post consumer waste board, so no forests, trees or even shrubs are being cut down to make your binder. Our papers and board are also acid free so they won’t harm your papers.

Naked Binder products are 100% recyclable.

None of this goes to landfill. Every pocket folder, 3 ring binder and tab divider is absolutely 100%recyclable.


Our binders look great.

So great, that you won’t want to use them for only one project. Perhaps, two , three, four…

To top it off, our products are so well designed they act as design elements in your office or home, helping your environment aesthetically. From our wood binders to our project binders, we have worked to make a binder that makes your office, your proposal or your home better.

Naked Binder created a product for people who love beauty, form and function and are not opposed to saving a little money. We made them for you.


Us. We are a US 3-ring binder manufacturer.

We are also an employee owned company. We are proud of what we do and work to always make our products better. Our sister companies are Corporate Image (custom printed presentation products and packaging), Archival Products (preserve and conserve our precious documents and books), and LBS (everything that goes into making a book – they have it).

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