Better Binders for Conferences and Meetings

Forget vinyl binders, you can do much better!

Sustainable, strong and good looking 3-ring binders are perfect for proposals, conferences and meetings.

The information you had to your clients and peers is the longest lasting impression of you and your company. You expect them to keep that information and refer to it. If it looks or feels cheap or not well thought out, you have a problem.

Naked Binder offers an off the shelf binder option that can help your proposal do great work for you and the environment. Strong, 100% recyclable and 100% recycled. If you want a custom printed binder, you can contact our sister company Corporate Image.

About us: We are a small, scrappy company that believes that you can change the world. All of our products are US made from 100% post consumer waste board.

The Naked Binder

This is the most eco friendly, sustainable binder on the planet. Made with 100% post consumer waste paper and a ring mechanism and nothing else. No vinyl. No plastics. Elemental and simple with an inner beauty of the raw board. 100% recyclable.


The New Project Binder

The same 100% post consumer waste paper board with a paper endleaf wrap, these binders define the pinnacle of recyclability and design. Clean lines, strong spines and warm colors – these binders take to heart Mies Van Der Rohe’s “Less is more”.

Like all Naked Binder products, these recycled,recyclable 3 ring binders are strong – tested to 250,000 flexes without failing. No other binder has ever been able to say that.

eco friendly proposal binders _ Naked Binder's Project Binder
The Naked Binder Woodie

Available in Cherry and Birch, these wood binders offer the best of all worlds. Using the 100% pcw core of all Naked Binders, we added a thin cover of sustainably sourced wood. With mid-century modern feel and a certifiable beach vibe, this is a wood binder that doesn’t weigh a ton, offers a classy feel to your office, home and proposal. The wood is sourced in the US, hand picked in sustainable forested areas.

What we mean by sustainable.

The strength of our binders just ads to the eco-friendly nature of the binders. 100% recyclable means no landfill. 100% post consumer waste board means not even a shrub was hurt in making that either (except the wood binders!).

When you need a proposal binder, or binders for meetings and conferences, a Naked Binder can offer you a classy look that will help you stand out in a crowd!

100% recyclable everywhere
No vinyl, ever
Made in the U.S.A.
Strong 3 ring binders and folders

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