Back to School Binders?!

(is it too soon?)

Back to school sales and thoughts are just starting to peculate in parents minds. Stores are starting to push the back to school in time to dust off the Christmas decorations (or so it seems).


So. Lets chat about back to school binders. What do you want in a school binder?

My first two thoughts are stronger, non toxic. My kid is nine, so terrorizes school supplies. His ability to destroy pencils, pens, folders and binders is legendary, especially considering he doesn’t even try to do it. He seems genuinely bemused at how it happens.

So far, he has not managed to rip a cover off of a Naked Binder. That is saying something. That is not true of the vinyl binder they gave him last year. That went fast. So Naked Binders have that advantage.

Also, since we use no vinyl or plastics to make our binders, they don’t off-gas the toxic chemicals your vinyl binders do. Added bonus – 100% recyclable.

What does you kid want in a school binder?

The ability to modify, draw, paint, and otherwise make it their own. The Naked Binder is actually all paper. It is made from a dense paperboard called binders board – the kind of board in a hardcover book. We have see drawing, stickers, markers, paints, collage, and a few other artistic processes applied to them.

It is pretty? Come on, your little Picasso is just ahead of her or his time. Maybe not, but if it lasts for the year are you worried?

So, is it too soon to be thinking about back to school? Maybe, but then again, I hate to rush.

Check out Naked Binder and see about moving your kids to a non-toxic and stronger binder!

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