Are Naked Binders Waterproof?


Naked Binder has run our binders through dishwashers, left them in the rain and done lot of other crazy things to them to test how they react. But, lets face it, they are made from 100% paper – either post consumer waste binders board (100% office waste paper) or the paper covers on the project binders. Paper absorbs water.

So about the water thing. Naked Binders will absorb water – especially if left in it. Running through the rain with it over your head won’t destroy it, but you may have to let it dry. When we tested them, we soaked them and then laid them out flat to dry for a day or two. They still worked! They didn’t lay as flat as they used to, but that is sort of like those books that got wet, even after you dry them they are less flat (admittedly, we didn’t try ironing them…).


But Strong? Most binders fall apart on the hinge – that place where the cover meets the spine. Naked Binder have the strongest hinge a binder can have. Instead of using a tiny sliver of vinyl, or routing the paperboard, we press the hinge directly into our binders. This means that hinge is going to last.

Now a note about the Wood binders. Wood warps too, so don’t leave those in the rain either.

So, is this an issue for most people? Not really. You read books, write on paper and in journals, use a cell phone and tablet. Most times, you are not submerging your materials. OK, phones have a tendency to want to swim, but usually after that first time…

Other benefits. Made with 100% recycled paper binders board – which makes it a super sustainable 3-ring binder. Endlessly modifiable. If you are a doodler, as I am, this binder gives you a canvas to express your inner…doodle. Write on it, label it, screen print it, laser etch it or paint on it – a Naked Binder is a canvas for your dreams as well as storage for your paper. On top of all that, it is 100% recyclable.



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