Can You Recycle a Vinyl 3-ring Binder?

Maybe. At least for the back to school rush.

We had this come in through our news feed:

Office Depot, Inc. (ODP), a leading global provider of office products, services, and solutions, through its Office Depot and OfficeMax brands, today announced the launch of its Binder Recycling Program, encouraging shoppers to help preserve the environment by recycling old binders. Starting today, shoppers can bring any old empty binder to an Office Depot or OfficeMax retail location and receive a $2 instant discount off a same-day binder purchase.

The program is in partnership with TerraCycle, a company whose primary objective is to recycle waste that is typically considered non-recyclable. Consumers find recycling to be the most easily understood component of sustainability, and Office Depot is partnering with TerraCycle to help consumers participate in the movement for a more sustainable planet.

This is in essence the deal Staples used to give, and seems to be a special for the Back to School rush this summer. It does appear that your choices are generally more vinyl or plastic binders. I didn’t see any binder options that were actually recyclable on their own (without Teracycle melting them into benches and things).

So, it is possible for a while to recycle your binders. Perhaps you could try just dropping off your vinyl binders to be recycled.

But, for a brief time at least, yes you can recycle the vinyl binders.

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