Know Your Designers: Massimo Vignelli

We would like to celebrate the life and work of Massimo Vignelli whose work has influenced generations and delighted and intrigued (OK and angered) many. Naked Binder was created on the idea that “less is more” – clean design, less fuss and better function which was influenced in no small part by Massimo Vignelli the […]

Art Friday (on a Wednesday): Giant Tree Sculpture cast from Actual Tree

This is just too good to wait until Friday for. Artist John Grade, working with arborists, climbed 90 feet up a beautiful old hemlock tree and took plaster casts of the tree.  They then lowered these down and enlisted hundreds of volunteers to make a wooden cast of the tree using tiny blocks of wood. […]

Cut Paper Art by Michael Hambouz in NYC

From HOW Design Magazine Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Michael Hambouz creates stunning cut-paper artwork, and thanks to The Durst Organization and chashama, 18 of his large-scale cut-paper collages are now on display until November 21, 2014, in the Lobby Gallery of 1133 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. In a celebration of both cut-paper artwork and small-town manufacturing, Factory Made utilizes a 140-year-old French Paper Company’s own […]

Interesting Day for Printing History

An interesting day in book binding history 539 years ago today! The Day in Jewish History / First volume of Hebrew work printed The second-oldest extant Hebrew printed work, ‘Arba’ah Turim’ is one of the most important compendiums of Jewish law. On July 3, 1475, Meshullam Cusi Rafa ben Moses Jacob printed the first volume […]

A Loft of Ideas – Or at least Dreams

I always seem to live in a house like I am about to move.  We rarely update the things that are inconvenient or just wrong.  We just live with it. So when I see places like this, I see a playground of ideas and get a little inspiration to get off my ever increasing kiester […]

Sun Dogs – an upside of this super cold weather!

Freezing your keister off? It is worth it for the Sundogs! So there you are driving to work (or taking the bus) and there are these crazy vertical rainbows in the sky.  Since it is -10 degrees Fahrenheit, you know that isn’t rain up there, but it is excellent. A sun dog (or sundog), mock sun[1] or phantom sun,[2] scientific name parhelion (plural parhelia), is […]

Parsons Transportation Group – um, that is amazing.

Sometimes we check out project that our architecture, engineering and construction clients are working on to see just how cool they are.  But this is kind of amazing.         Lions Gate Bridge Lions Gate Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Lions Gate Bridge in British Columbia connects the city of Vancouver […]