Explaining CMYK, PMS and RGB for web and printing

What are the differences in color profiles for print and the web? Boy are we happy you asked. While Naked Binder is not making custom binders and folders, our sister company Corporate Image does. Many designers are starting with web and digital design and then moving to offset printing. Whether you are making custom 3-ring […]

A Proposal binder should stand out in a good way.

You put a lot of effort into your proposals – whether for an arts residency or for the joys of engineering a new bridge. You want to stand out from other proposals – even better, stand above them.  A really beautiful binder lets everyone know your attention to detail, your sense of style and, in […]

6 Ways to Customize a Recycled 3-Ring Binder

You want a eco friendly binder and you want to find a great way to customize it?  Check it out. 1.  Labeling.  $   Great Flexibility Maximum creative possibility with minimum $.  This requires a printer and a computer that allows you to design with photos, text or other things you like. This was done […]

Halloween Binder Ideas (or for other things…)

Halloween is coming up and it is time for the annual dressing of the 3-ring binders that is so popular around the world… Wait, well it could be.  It is fun. A temporary tattoo can dress up your binder to make what is seemingly an ordinary (if extraordinary) Naked Binder to a custom binder that […]

Customizing a Naked Bare Board Binder – What are the options?

You found a great eco friendly, recycled binder. Now you want to make that binder yours – either for your company, a big proposal, board meeting or school. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of 3-ring binders, but they have to look great. So what are your options? Foil Stamping. A bare board binder takes […]

Custom Binders – How your print can connect with your digital content

In this day and age, how your print pieces interact with your digital content can help you combine the immediacy and intimacy of beautiful print piece with the information, info graphics and moving content of your digital. Print is proven to reach people – it affects them in a different way than digital information and has a […]

Customizing 3-Ring Proposal Binders

Making your proposal professional and having it stand out may be one of the hardest balancing acts. Naked Binder’s new series of binders the New Project Binder, may be simpler than the Classic and the old Project Binder, but they offer a number of great features that make them even more versatile. Awesome proposal binder feature […]

Choosing How to Customize a 3-ring Binder

There are a lot of options for customizing your 3-ring binder from labeling as you need them to having printed binders made. What you need depends on how you use them. Lets assume you need to customize your binders. How to proceed depends on how many you need. Ask your self some questions – Are […]