Recycled and Recyclable 3-ring Binders – Why it matters

Every year in the U.S. 50 million + 3 ring binders are bought, used, broken and thrown away. The vast majority of these are vinyl binders. That means there is 50 million+ lbs of toxic garbage going into your landfill – Every year. That means that 30 million lbs of vinyl is being produced, waste […]

Win with a recycled 3-ring Binder

When you are putting together a proposal or notes for a meeting or organizing your papers a little thought into what 3-ring binder you are picking now can make a world of difference later. Things to consider with 3-ring binders. Will my binder last? As we all know from years of school and work, vinyl […]

Not just a great recycled 3 ring binder – compostable too!

Sure we sell recycled 3-ring binders. ┬áBut are they compostable? At Naked Binder, we test our binders. From having them flexed 250,000 times (strongest binder in the world), to running the binders through the dishwasher (it was fine once we dried it out) to composting a binder. Last year I took an old binder – […]