Big News! Naked Binder is Having a Sale!

Since when do we have sales? Not often enough, but Naked Binders are 25% off!! It is happening!  On select colors of Project and Classic Binders, Eames and Architect binders! Now the best, strongest, recycled and recyclable, most eco-friendly binders can be yours for less! Time to dance in the streets!!! Now All the New […]

The All New Project Binder – faster, stronger, better

Well Naked Binder is adding a new 3-ring binder to the mix. The NEW Project Binder.  Three colors, flush cut and all paper. Why the new project binder?  We found that some of the recyclers around the country were not recycling the book cloth we put on our binders. That made us think. And get […]

Why move to a paper board binder over vinyl for your business?

Paper board binders are recycled and recyclable but you are used to vinyl.  Why would you switch over? Lets forget about the toxicity of vinyl, lets look at what you get besides those factors. Lets look at the functional differences. First off, a Naked Binder will not fall apart. If you have ever used  a […]

Green Meetings, Eco Friendly Festivals, Events and Conferences

Creating a green meeting is a big job. If you think about the number of conventions, conferences, and meetings taking place around the country, it is staggering. Huge numbers of people fly to a city to learn more about what is happening in their industries, share information and ideas and fly home. Along the way, […]

Organizing for a better space to work

Creating a better workspace involves a mix of practicality, design and creativity to insure that you not only work well, but think well too. Lets face it, most jobs are not just repetition of the same thing all day.  These days, most jobs involve multi tasking, thinking of your feet and being able to find […]

Organizing CD and DVDs in a recycled 3-ring binder

If you have ever been at a loss for how to make your apartment or house look better, stylish and more comfortable, Apartment Therapy is the place for you. They have tips on cool ways of redoing everything from a dorm room to a kitchen.  And they know how to keep costs low, so it […]

Make your office look better: use a better 3-ring binder

A green office with a good sense of style is a better place to spend your time and builds confidence with customers. Naked Binder recently worked with an office to upgrade all of their binders.  The difference was astounding, but didn’t sink in until they saw the before and after photos.  I’m going to save […]