Can You Recycle a Vinyl 3-ring Binder?

Maybe. At least for the back to school rush. We had this come in through our news feed: Office Depot, Inc. (ODP), a leading global provider of office products, services, and solutions, through its Office Depot and OfficeMax brands, today announced the launch of its Binder Recycling Program, encouraging shoppers to help preserve the environment by […]

Benefits of Recycling – in one sweet infographic

As someone who recycles, composts, avoids heavily packaged items and works for a company making recycled and recyclable 3-ring binders and pocket folders, even I wonder what impact recycling has and if it is making a difference. Reducing household trash has other positive effects on the nation besides keeping waste out of landfills. Recycling also […]

Recycled Paper – Why it is important

Those of you who know Naked Binder, know that we are serious about making sure our products are as high a recycled content as possible and are 100% recyclable. That goes from our pocket folders and tab dividers to our 3 ring binders. Some may question why it is important. We have a lot of […]

Making Lamps from Mushrooms

Via Designer Pages: Edvard has also developed a lamp made from MYX that produces food for the consumer before it ends up as a functional light object. MYX is made from leftover hemp fibres from the textile industry and mushroom-mycelium (the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae), which […]

A Loft of Ideas – Or at least Dreams

I always seem to live in a house like I am about to move.  We rarely update the things that are inconvenient or just wrong.  We just live with it. So when I see places like this, I see a playground of ideas and get a little inspiration to get off my ever increasing kiester […]

Tis the season to be as green as humanly possible…

This holiday season will see an enormous increase in waste and garbage. From paper, plastic and food in the US at least we will eat more, consume more and throw out more than any other time of the year. So how do we find a way to partake of the season, but not create a […]

Eco Friendly, Recycled Pocket Folders

Vinyl and plastic pocket folders are slightly cheaper than eco friendly, recycled folders, but lets look at the big picture. They are Beautiful Natural, elemental and well designed for long life, our pocket folders have the best of what you want in a pocket folder. Whether you are using them for proposals, board meetings, art […]

Recycled Tab Dividers Are Back

The 100% post consumer waste Conservation paper tab dividers are making a comeback! Now whether you want to have a set of simple environmentally friendly tab dividers, or what to get crazy with them, our conservation paper tab dividers are here for you!  These tab dividers can be printed on through most printers.  We have […]

Recycling – good for a lot of reasons

We all agree that recycling is helpful and a good thing to do. The question is “how good is it?”. It is surprising some of the ways that you benefit from recycling. Recycling helps your health Keeping hazardous wastes out of the waste stream will keep local water and air cleaner. Recycling helps you and […]