Why Your Vinyl (and many other) Binders Fall Apart

You just bought a new 3-ring binder and you are ready to be organized – so why is it falling apart when you use it? Traditionally, 3-ring binders are made sort of like books. This is where the book comparison ends. In a poorly made 3-ring binder front board, back board and spine board are […]

How to Open A Ring Binder

As ubiquitous as they are, how to open a ring binder still seems like a mystery. The first thing most people do is grab the center ring and yank the rings open.  This certainly works and in some cases is the only way. At issue here are the forces acting on one ring of the […]

What is the Most Eco Friendly 3-ring Binder?

There are a lot of claims about which 3-ring binder is the greenest, most recyclable, most sustainable. When vinyl companies are claiming vinyl binders are eco-friendly because they use a recycled board inside the panels of the binder, things have gotten out of hand. So what is the most eco friendly 3-ring binder? 1. Bare […]

The Best Recycled, Eco Friendly 3-Ring Binders

At Naked Binder we talk a lot about how strong our binders are, how recyclable and the recycled materials we use and how other people make their binders and, to us at least it seems that we have made the best recycled eco-friendly 3-ring binders! Why we think that is what I hope to cover […]

Enter the Recycled, Eco Green Binder

recycled, eco, green binders. That is a lot of adjective for one line of binders, but Naked Binder lives up to it. Recycled Binders There is no reason to buy a non-recyclable binder anymore.  That leaves your average vinyl binder a bit out of touch. Naked Binders are 100% recyclable.  Made of 100% recycled post […]

The All New Project Binder – faster, stronger, better

Well Naked Binder is adding a new 3-ring binder to the mix. The NEW Project Binder.  Three colors, flush cut and all paper. Why the new project binder?  We found that some of the recyclers around the country were not recycling the book cloth we put on our binders. That made us think. And get […]

Why move to a paper board binder over vinyl for your business?

Paper board binders are recycled and recyclable but you are used to vinyl.  Why would you switch over? Lets forget about the toxicity of vinyl, lets look at what you get besides those factors. Lets look at the functional differences. First off, a Naked Binder will not fall apart. If you have ever used  a […]

How Strong is a Bare Board Binder? The Water Tests.

Our recycled bare board binders stand up to the rain.  We did tests. An environmentally friendly binder is not covered in plastic or vinyl, but rather uses the raw board for strength and aesthetics. They look great, feel great and don’t walk up to the environment and pour oil on its head. But then it rains. Now […]

How to make your binder rings last longer

Naked Binder has made the strongest binder in the world. So what about binder rings? IS there any way to make those last longer especially with kids? The weakest point on a vinyl or cardboard binder is the cover hinge.  Those puppies separate faster than two positively charged magnets. Naked Binder has solved that problem […]