Better Binders for Conferences and Meetings

Forget vinyl binders, you can do much better!

Sustainable, strong and good looking 3-ring binders are perfect for proposals, conferences and meetings.

The information you had to your clients and peers is the longest lasting impression of you and your company. You expect them to keep that information and refer to it. If it looks or feels cheap or not well thought out, you have a problem.

Naked Binder offers an off the shelf binder option that can help your proposal do great work for you and the environment. Strong, 100% recyclable and 100% recycled. If you want a custom printed binder, you can contact our sister company Corporate Image.

About us: We are a small, scrappy company that believes that you can change the world. All of our products are US made from 100% post consumer waste board.

The Naked Binder

This is the most eco friendly, sustainable binder on the planet. Made with 100% post consumer waste paper and a ring mechanism and nothing else. No vinyl. No plastics. Elemental and simple with an inner beauty of the raw board. 100% recyclable.


The New Project Binder

The same 100% post consumer waste paper board with a paper endleaf wrap, these binders define the pinnacle of recyclability and design. Clean lines, strong spines and warm colors – these binders take to heart Mies Van Der Rohe’s “Less is more”.

Like all Naked Binder products, these recycled,recyclable 3 ring binders are strong – tested to 250,000 flexes without failing. No other binder has ever been able to say that.

eco friendly proposal binders _ Naked Binder's Project Binder
The Naked Binder Woodie

Available in Cherry and Birch, these wood binders offer the best of all worlds. Using the 100% pcw core of all Naked Binders, we added a thin cover of sustainably sourced wood. With mid-century modern feel and a certifiable beach vibe, this is a wood binder that doesn’t weigh a ton, offers a classy feel to your office, home and proposal. The wood is sourced in the US, hand picked in sustainable forested areas.

What we mean by sustainable.

The strength of our binders just ads to the eco-friendly nature of the binders. 100% recyclable means no landfill. 100% post consumer waste board means not even a shrub was hurt in making that either (except the wood binders!).

When you need a proposal binder, or binders for meetings and conferences, a Naked Binder can offer you a classy look that will help you stand out in a crowd!

100% recyclable everywhere
No vinyl, ever
Made in the U.S.A.
Strong 3 ring binders and folders

The Most Eco Friendly 3-ring Binders

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. These are considered the basic tenants of eco friendly thinking. At Naked Binder, we take these into consideration – and more.


Reduce. Use less.

This is perhaps the most important part of the trio. Even eco-friendly binders and products require energy to use, transport and recycle. There is waste in production of both the end product as well as the component parts. If you use less, that translates to a greater savings than merely having a good product.

Our 3-ring Binders are stronger.

We addressed this issue by examining the binders on the shelves of office supply stores. Because of poor construction, they fall apart quickly – mostly, the covers fall off.

Our binders were designed to last ten years and lab tested to 250,000 flexes without fail,  so you save money and use less. Our covers will not fail you.

Recycle. Recycled paper uses less water, energy and creates less waste. Also, less trees.

We use the best materials.

We craft our products from 100% FSC certified post consumer waste board, so no forests, trees or even shrubs are being cut down to make your binder. Our papers and board are also acid free so they won’t harm your papers.

Naked Binder products are 100% recyclable.

None of this goes to landfill. Every pocket folder, 3 ring binder and tab divider is absolutely 100%recyclable.


Our binders look great.

So great, that you won’t want to use them for only one project. Perhaps, two , three, four…

To top it off, our products are so well designed they act as design elements in your office or home, helping your environment aesthetically. From our wood binders to our project binders, we have worked to make a binder that makes your office, your proposal or your home better.

Naked Binder created a product for people who love beauty, form and function and are not opposed to saving a little money. We made them for you.


Us. We are a US 3-ring binder manufacturer.

We are also an employee owned company. We are proud of what we do and work to always make our products better. Our sister companies are Corporate Image (custom printed presentation products and packaging), Archival Products (preserve and conserve our precious documents and books), and LBS (everything that goes into making a book – they have it).

Sustainable Medical and Pharmaceutical

We at Naked Binder were excited to see a shift in how industries are viewing their responsibility to their communities and the future.

This article was in, talks about Bayer Corp. doing exactly what we have been doing – creating circular supply chains where the components in one product can eventually be used again in another (also known as cradle to cradle design).

Thirty years ago, a U.S. offshoot of German pharmaceutical giant Bayer was just coming to grips with the environmental ills that can accompany production of industrial materials.

The operator of a 270-acre chemical plant in West Virginia, which came to be known as Bayer MaterialScience, was tasked in 1987 with undertaking corrective action to prevent “unacceptable exposure” to carcinogenic contaminants found in soil and water at the site, accordingEnvironmental Protection Agency reports.

But that was then. In September, a newly-independent version of the $12 billion Bayer materials business called Covestro was launched with a goal of pulling off a re-brand with sustainability at the core of 2,000-plus product offerings in industries including transportation, construction, electronics and textiles.

“This is an industry that has a legacy of damage to the environment,” said Covestro Chief Sustainability Officer Richard Northcote. “It’s a bit like, ‘My name’s Richard, and I’m an alcoholic.’ Until you say that, you’re never going to improve, but we are not the same industry we were 50 years ago.”

The opportunity that Covestro sees in prioritizing sustainability is what many predict will be an upheaval in the materials that serve as the basis of the industrialized economy.

With business risks like climate change and supply chain volatility reinforcing the urgency of using raw materials wisely and curbing emissions in the manufacturing process, the concept of a “circular economy” where component parts are cycled back through supply chains is one approach gaining traction.

We applaud Covestro and Bayer for working toward and prioritizing sustainability in their manufacturing!

Read the whole article here.

Custom. Plain. Get the Best 3-ring Binders.

The best, sustainable 3 ring binders whether you want printed binders or not.

Custom and off the shelf sustainable recycled 3 ring binders Naked Binder and Corporate Image

You know Naked Binder makes the best recycled, sustainable 3 ring binders and pocket folders. You know they are 100% recyclable and made from 100% post consumer waste board. For those who care about sustainable office products, Naked Binder has raised the bar in the industry pushing our competition to work harder and make better products.

While all the Naked Binder products can be customized, either with labels, screen printing, or a million other methods, we know that some of you need a custom, fully printed binder for your conferences, meetings, and marketing. For you, we would like to introduce our sister company, Corporate Image.

Whether you need 50 printed binders for a board meeting or 20,000 binders for HR, Corporate Image offers custom 3 ring binders  and pocket folders that are recyclable, use FSC certified papers, and made with 100% post consumer waste board. What you get is a sustainable 3 ring binder that is gorgeous.

Because Corporate Image makes custom products, you can get anything you need from window cuts, portfolio binders, notebook sized binder (those tiny half-sheet binders) in fully printed. They run both digital and offset presses and have been doing high end printing for over 30 years.

custom printed recyclable 3 ring binder

If you need sustainable, custom 3 ring binders, here is why Corporate Image is the place to go:

Green Printer: From 100% post consumer waste board, FSC certified papers and more, Corporate Image was a sustainable printer before most people even thought about it.

Knowledge and skills: For over 30 years, Corporate Image has been making the best, strongest custom 3 ring binders. They have won awards like Best Binder in the World as well as tons of packaging awards. They will know the best materials, practices and options to get you exactly what you want.

Service: They are super nice. Maybe it is a Mid-west thing, but not only do they know what they are doing, they are fun to work with. We know, because at Naked Binder, we work with all of them!

• Sustainable, Quality work: All Corporate Image (and Naked Binder) products are made in the USA with FSC certified board and papers. All of the products are 100% recyclable and you can get your product FSC certified if you choose. If you work in a LEED certified building, these binders can help with your continuing LEED credits!

So, lovely Naked Binder fans, if you need a custom printed binder that is sustainable and recycled, check out Corporate Image!

The nutrients in our food

Pesticides and a lot of farming techniques allow for larger harvests, but are we getting what we need from them? An article in GreenBiz suggests that we are not.

gardenphotoA lot of us grow our own veggies and fruits in our back yards or community gardens. Every year, I try to add to the soil to replenish the nutrients (and break up a bit more of the clay). Mostly, I use compost from our house and yard. That works for  backyard growing, but if you have 100 acres, that is not enough.

This article gives a little, dare I say it?, food for thought.

What happened to the nutrition in our food? And a second one: How can we get it back?

These questions first formed in my mind two years earlier, when I heard pioneering Australian soil scientist Christine Jones say at a conference that it was possible to buy an orange today that contained zero vitamin C. As in zilch. It got worse.

In Australia, she continued, the vitamin A content of carrots had dropped 99 percent between 1948 and 1991, according to a government analysis, and apples had lost 80 percent of their vitamin C. She went on to say that according to research in England, the mineral content of nearly all vegetables in the United Kingdom had dropped significantly between 1940 and 1990. Copper had been reduced by 76 percent, calcium by 46 percent, iron by 27 percent, magnesium by 24 percent and potassium by 16 percent. Furthermore, the mineral content of U.K. meat had dropped significantly over the same period as well — iron by 54 percent, copper by 24 percent, calcium by 41 percent and so on.

The full article is here on the GreenBiz site.

Who is Naked Binder?


Who is Naked Binder?

We believe that well designed means more than great form and function. Well designed products should not hurt the environment and should be 100% recyclable.

We feel if companies start creating interesting, well designed products, people will gravitate to them.

We hug trees occasionally. Ok, sometimes a lot.

We strive to be creative, thoughtful, and forward thinking.

Naked Binder makes the best and strongest recycled and recyclable 3-ring binders and pocket folders, and we do it because we care. We are small and scrappy, but someday we hope to be a major influencer in creating US made, sustainable products.

sustainable, recycled and strong 3-ring binders and pocket folders




Northern Illinois University and Green Offices

Naked Binder wants to congratulate  NIU on its Green Office program success!

We couldn’t help getting excited when University sustainability programs start working!

Nine offices have been certified under the revamped NIU Green Office Initiative, which began at the start of the semester.

The NIU Green Office Initiative seeks to make offices more environmentally friendly with minor and feasible tasks in the offices on NIU’s campus, according to its mission statement.

The coordinating offices include the Student Association, the Green Team and the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning.

The program has been in place since 2012, but was completely revamped during the fall 2015 semester to make certification less complicated and allow for student involvement, said Melissa Burlingame, research associate for the Center for Governmental Studies.

Read more here!

Great job NIU! Go Green Offices!



Look what we found!

We don’t get to see client projects very often, but this showed up in an internet image search and we just want to say,”Wow. That is beautiful!”.

Screen shot 2016-02-22 at 4.25.45 PM.png

Thanks, J. Crew for making a Naked Binder even more amazing!

(for those who have to know: Naked Binder square back 1″ d-ring binder. All recyclable, all the time!)






Proposal Binders – Stand Out with better Quality

Put your proposal in a beautiful, sustainable package.

One thing is certain about all proposals – from first glance to deep read, it has to stand out. This is true of architectural proposals, as well as financial, tenure, and arts related proposals.

Naked Binder has the proposal binders you need. Beautiful, strong, sustainable, recyclable and available. (You know if you are sending proposals, being able to get your binders quickly is key to lowering stress!).


Proposal binders with color. The New Project Binders come in four colors. made with 100% post consumer waste board and ecological fibers paper, these binders are  not only beautiful, but eco friendly and strong.


The Naked Binder Woodie is a unique wood 3-ring binder that will definitely grab attention. Using our 100% post consumer waste board and covered with a thin layer of real wood – either cherry or birch – a wood binder offers the tactile feel of wood, the strength of a Naked Binder and a wow factor for your proposal.


Go elemental with a bare board Naked Binder. This is the heart of all of our 3-ring binders. 100% post consumer waste binders that have been tested to 250,000 flexes. That means that you can use that 3-ring binder 20 times a day for over 30 years. 100% recyclable. 100% recycled board. 100% awesome.

Pocket Folders: Eco friendly is just the beginning.


Pocket folders don’t have to be boring and poorly designed.


At Naked Binder, we craft our pocket folders out of recycled materials and make them to last. We don’t offer 50,000 versions of folders, but the one’s we have are, well, amazing.

One pocket and two pocket folders are the steady workhorses of a green office. Simple, with a strong glow of environmentally friendly joy, our pocket folders are easy to write or doodle on (great for impromptu idea sessions) or label.

Our binder pockets or pouches give you what you have needed for years and never had: a way to clip a pocket into you 3-ring binder – or 3. Most information is not 3-hole punched, so our binder pockets just take care of the clutter, organizing it until you take care of it.

Naked Binder just added a little more love to the humble pocket folders. And you can get them here.