Evolution of a Recycled Binder – or what happened to the old stuff?

Most of you know that almost a year ago Naked Binder discontinued all of our binders that had cotton cloth spine wraps on them. Many of you are a bit sad about that, and so are we. So let me tell you a little story about Naked Binder and why we do what we do. […]

A Proposal binder should stand out in a good way.

You put a lot of effort into your proposals – whether for an arts residency or for the joys of engineering a new bridge. You want to stand out from other proposals – even better, stand above them.  A really beautiful binder lets everyone know your attention to detail, your sense of style and, in […]

Parsons Transportation Group – um, that is amazing.

Sometimes we check out project that our architecture, engineering and construction clients are working on to see just how cool they are.  But this is kind of amazing.         Lions Gate Bridge Lions Gate Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Lions Gate Bridge in British Columbia connects the city of Vancouver […]

Who is Going Green? NPR!

NPR is moving into a new LEED Gold Headquarters A landmark-status 1920’s warehouse was renovated and an adjoining new, 7-story building developed to create a 440,000-square-foot LEED-Gold certified headquarters that accommodates a staff of more than 700. What does this mean?  If you work for NPR you will have less energy use, better air quality, […]

Customizing a Naked Bare Board Binder – What are the options?

You found a great eco friendly, recycled binder. Now you want to make that binder yours – either for your company, a big proposal, board meeting or school. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of 3-ring binders, but they have to look great. So what are your options? Foil Stamping. A bare board binder takes […]

Naked Binder Sale!

A day both sad and wonderful, Naked Binder is having a sale on discontinued Project and Classic Binder lines! Until May 3rd at 5PM Central Time, you can get 30% off of the best, strongest and eco friendly 3-ring binders ever! This is the last of the old Project Binders and Classic binders so act […]

Custom Binders – How your print can connect with your digital content

In this day and age, how your print pieces interact with your digital content can help you combine the immediacy and intimacy of beautiful print piece with the information, info graphics and moving content of your digital. Print is proven to reach people – it affects them in a different way than digital information and has a […]

The new project binder – a flush cut binder

So you are asking yourself – a flush cut binder? These recycled and recyclable binders are covered in paper, but on the edges the binder board shows through. The bare edges make it possible to have a 100% paper binder.  If we cased the binder (like a hardcover book) we would have to either laminate […]

How a 3 ring binder can help your industry

Which binder will best boost your brand? When searching for the right image, you may be curious to know what other people are using to promote theirs Top 3 3-ring Binders for Architecture and Engineering firms: Classic Binder (Black is #1) Naked Binder (square) Project Binder (round) Top 3 3-ring Binders for Design firms and Ad Agencies: Project Binder (round) […]