Customizing a Naked Bare Board Binder – What are the options?

You found a great eco friendly, recycled binder. Now you want to make that binder yours – either for your company, a big proposal, board meeting or school. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of 3-ring binders, but they have to look great. So what are your options? Foil Stamping. A bare board binder takes […]

How to make your binder rings last longer

Naked Binder has made the strongest binder in the world. So what about binder rings? IS there any way to make those last longer especially with kids? The weakest point on a vinyl or cardboard binder is the cover hinge.  Those puppies separate faster than two positively charged magnets. Naked Binder has solved that problem […]

How a 3 ring binder can help your industry

Which binder will best boost your brand? When searching for the right image, you may be curious to know what other people are using to promote theirs Top 3 3-ring Binders for Architecture and Engineering firms: Classic Binder (Black is #1) Naked Binder (square) Project Binder (round) Top 3 3-ring Binders for Design firms and Ad Agencies: Project Binder (round) […]