Get a really, really Green 3-ring Binder

Green is overused as a term for eco-friendly – and eco-friendly is overused already as a marketing term instead of an actual fact. That is why when Naked Binder says we have the most environmentally friendly binders for the planet, we can back that up. Our 3-ring binders are made with 100% FSC certified post […]

Enter the Recycled, Eco Green Binder

recycled, eco, green binders. That is a lot of adjective for one line of binders, but Naked Binder lives up to it. Recycled Binders There is no reason to buy a non-recyclable binder anymore. ┬áThat leaves your average vinyl binder a bit out of touch. Naked Binders are 100% recyclable. ┬áMade of 100% recycled post […]