Custom 3-Ring Binders that are 100% Recyclable

So, many of you know that Naked Binder has a sister company that makes custom printed 3-ring binders, pocket folders, tab dividers, awesome boxes of all types and more. Corporate Image is a eco friendly green printer – using soy inks, FSC certified and recycled papers, the same 100% post consumer waste binders board we […]

A Great Recyclable Pocket Folder

Why not dress your papers in a really good looking Pocket Folder?           They are Beautiful Natural, elemental and well designed for long life, our pocket folders have the best of what you want in a pocket folder. Whether you are using them for proposals, green board meetings, art project proposals […]

6 Ways to Customize a Recycled 3-Ring Binder

You want a eco friendly binder and you want to find a great way to customize it?  Check it out. 1.  Labeling.  $   Great Flexibility Maximum creative possibility with minimum $.  This requires a printer and a computer that allows you to design with photos, text or other things you like. This was done […]

Win with a recycled 3-ring Binder

When you are putting together a proposal or notes for a meeting or organizing your papers a little thought into what 3-ring binder you are picking now can make a world of difference later. Things to consider with 3-ring binders. Will my binder last? As we all know from years of school and work, vinyl […]

What is the Most Eco Friendly 3-ring Binder?

There are a lot of claims about which 3-ring binder is the greenest, most recyclable, most sustainable. When vinyl companies are claiming vinyl binders are eco-friendly because they use a recycled board inside the panels of the binder, things have gotten out of hand. So what is the most eco friendly 3-ring binder? 1. Bare […]

A Very Cool Portable Solar Charger Idea

Perhaps the solar power of the future – portable and plug in panels you can use anywhere. Plug into the window?  How awesome would it be to recharge your devices by using the light from your window? Pretty awesome. This charger acts as a battery also storing up 10 hours of charging time after 5-8 […]

Information on Vinyls, Dioxins and more

Naked Binder has worked hard to make 3-ring binders that are stronger, better looking and non-toxic. All this fuss and bother over a few 3-ring binders? Well, yes. In the US alone there are 40-60 million 3-ring binders sold and most of them are vinyl. Vinyl is cheap in many ways, but the hidden costs […]

The Naked Binder Sale Gets Even Better! 25-35% off!

Since when do we have sales? Not often enough, but Naked Binders are 25-35% off!! It is happening!  On select colors of Project and Classic Binders, Eames and Architect binders! Now the best, strongest, recycled and recyclable, most eco-friendly binders can be yours for less! Time to dance in the streets!!! Now is the time […]

Greening the office – How to get buy in from everyone.

GREENING THE OFFICE – GETTING PEOPLE TO BUY IN TO THE IDEA Lets face it the steps to actually greening your office – reducing waste, recycling, energy efficiency and the rest are the easy part.  How you get the whole office to participate is the question.  If you are part of a Green Team, participation from […]

Green Meetings, Eco Friendly Festivals, Events and Conferences

Creating a green meeting is a big job. If you think about the number of conventions, conferences, and meetings taking place around the country, it is staggering. Huge numbers of people fly to a city to learn more about what is happening in their industries, share information and ideas and fly home. Along the way, […]