Via Inhabitat: Part of Route 66 going solar!

We couldn’t help but be excited about this one: Solar Roadways are coming to historic Route 66  We saw this on Inhabitat and were all kinds of excited.  Check it out! by Lacy Cooke Solar Roadways are finally gaining traction in the United States. Scott and Julie Brusaw have been developing their energy-generating roads for […]

Innovative Glass Roof Tiles for Solar, Energy-Efficient Homes

We thought this was interesting – a nice merge of design and sustainability: The glass roof tiles by SolTech System mark a revolutionary and award winning method of integrating solar energy into any building. Instead of traditional roof tiles made of concrete or clay, these tiles are made of glass, allowing the sun to shine through onto […]

Interesting and Scary: Giant Oarfish indicate an Earthquake?

Now I lived in California for years and was rattled a bit here and there by earthquakes.  I have a general respect for them. I have also heard a lot of stories.  If you live there, you know what ‘Earthquake weather’ is, the color of the sky can let you know, your dog acting nuts….  […]