Trying to find a good way to store magazines?

I don’t know about you, but saving magazines is a frustrating thing for me.  Either I have no idea where in the foot tall stack the information I need is, or I end up shoving them in a dark space, only to find them years later. So we stumbled on a way to turn your […]

Desktop organizer ideas from one of our Canadian friends

For those of you with cluttered desks and a bit of craftiness about you, a friend of ours sent us these DIY desktop organizer ideas. 1> For your pens and pencils:  That can of soup you had for lunch can be turned into a fancy desk top pen holder.  Seems like this would be nice […]

Green Living: Seal up that drafty house!

If you don’t live in California or Hawaii in the U.S. you have noticed the freezing temperatures. If your house is a bit drafty, you may want to do something about it before that next crazy cold spell hits. Grist’s Ask Umbra column had some nice tips especially for those who are renting and don’t […]

Organizing Papers? One step can help preserve your valuables.

If you are going to organize photos, papers, kids memorabilia, bills, artworks, your thoughts or anything else of value, taking one step can help preserve your valuables even longer. Organize your papers in acid neutral or acid free 3-ring binders. Why? Paper turns yellow and brittle when exposed to acid. You know those old paperbacks […]

Big News! Naked Binder is Having a Sale!

Since when do we have sales? Not often enough, but Naked Binders are 25% off!! It is happening!  On select colors of Project and Classic Binders, Eames and Architect binders! Now the best, strongest, recycled and recyclable, most eco-friendly binders can be yours for less! Time to dance in the streets!!! Now All the New […]

Eco Friendly Recycled Pocket Folders – the answer to your problems

WHEN A VINYL COVERED POCKET FOLDER WON’T DO, THE SEARCH BEGINS FOR AN ECO FRIENDLY POCKET FOLDER. The amount of waste in the world is out of control. Each year 80,000 trees are felled just to make pencils, 40-60 million vinyl binders are tossed into landfill and 40 billion used water bottles are thrown away […]

Organize your home so you have more time to yourself

Organizing your life can help you get more done and have more time to relax and have fun. Taking a few steps to keep things where you can find them can save a huge amount of time, effort and hair pulling. I should know.  I am not the most organized person on the planet. So […]

Organizing for a better space to work

Creating a better workspace involves a mix of practicality, design and creativity to insure that you not only work well, but think well too. Lets face it, most jobs are not just repetition of the same thing all day.  These days, most jobs involve multi tasking, thinking of your feet and being able to find […]