Better Binders for Conferences and Meetings

Forget vinyl binders, you can do much better! Sustainable, strong and good looking 3-ring binders are perfect for proposals, conferences and meetings. The information you had to your clients and peers is the longest lasting impression of you and your company. You expect them to keep that information and refer to it. If it looks or […]

Evolution of a Recycled Binder – or what happened to the old stuff?

Most of you know that almost a year ago Naked Binder discontinued all of our binders that had cotton cloth spine wraps on them. Many of you are a bit sad about that, and so are we. So let me tell you a little story about Naked Binder and why we do what we do. […]

A Flush Cut 3-ring Binder – what is it?

As you know by now, Naked Binder has changed their line of recycled binders.  The new binders are flush cut binders – paper and  100% recycled post consumer waste board. So what is a Flush cut Binder? Glad you asked. A Flush cut on a binder means that the edge of the board is visible. […]

Customizing 3-Ring Proposal Binders

Making your proposal professional and having it stand out may be one of the hardest balancing acts. Naked Binder’s new series of binders the New Project Binder, may be simpler than the Classic and the old Project Binder, but they offer a number of great features that make them even more versatile. Awesome proposal binder feature […]