Teacher Discount for Back to School

Calling all teachers! If you need 3-ring binders and folders for your classrooms and educating needs – Naked Binder has a discount for you! Why? Teachers are the best. You work with our kids, our parents, and us so we understand everything from math, philosophy, reading, languages, dance and movement, how to think, how to […]

Notebook Binders – Awesome Recycled Mini Binders

Ah notebook binders! Strong half sheet mini binders that fit in your bag or briefcase and make you look good! What is a notebook binder? A notebook binder holds half sheets of standard US paper – so each piece of paper is 5.5″ wide x 8.5″tall. About the size of your tablet, a notebook binder […]

Why a recycled 3-ring binder matters

Every year in the U.S. 50 million+ 3 ring binders are bought, used, broken and thrown away. The vast majority of these are vinyl binders. That means there is 50 million+ lbs of toxic garbage going into your landfill – Every year. That means that 30 million lbs of vinyl is being produced, waste being […]

Getting ready for School? Is it too soon?

Getting ready for going back to school takes a little more time if you are trying to do it with green school supplies. While you don’t need to panic at this point, it may be wise to start looking at where you can get your green eco friendly school supplies. A few hints. School Binders. […]

Eco Friendly Mini Binder – A Half Sheet Notebook Binder With Style

When you need a small 3-ring binder, the eco friendly notebook binder is the way to go. Portable, classy and 100% recyclable, the Naked Binder notebook binders are perfect for meetings, cheaper than a moleskin for jotting down ideas and drawings, great for keeping kids in the car occupied and also great for co-ordinating information at […]

Not just a great recycled 3 ring binder – compostable too!

Sure we sell recycled 3-ring binders.  But are they compostable? At Naked Binder, we test our binders. From having them flexed 250,000 times (strongest binder in the world), to running the binders through the dishwasher (it was fine once we dried it out) to composting a binder. Last year I took an old binder – […]

Recycling – good for a lot of reasons

We all agree that recycling is helpful and a good thing to do. The question is “how good is it?”. It is surprising some of the ways that you benefit from recycling. Recycling helps your health Keeping hazardous wastes out of the waste stream will keep local water and air cleaner. Recycling helps you and […]

How a 3 ring binder can help your industry

Which binder will best boost your brand? When searching for the right image, you may be curious to know what other people are using to promote theirs Top 3 3-ring Binders for Architecture and Engineering firms: Classic Binder (Black is #1) Naked Binder (square) Project Binder (round) Top 3 3-ring Binders for Design firms and Ad Agencies: Project Binder (round) […]

When a half sheet notebook binder is all you need.

YOUR LIFE NEEDS A LOT OF ORGANIZING AND THE HALF SHEET NOTEBOOK SIZED BINDERS ARE THE PERFECT WAY TO STAY LIGHT, FAST AND ORGANIZED. In this modern age, organizing your time, your work, your kids, your workouts, your relationships and everything else is mind boggling. The calendar/list/ year long organizer planners are great, but bulky and sometimes […]