Via Inhabitat: Part of Route 66 going solar!

We couldn’t help but be excited about this one: Solar Roadways are coming to historic Route 66  We saw this on Inhabitat and were all kinds of excited.  Check it out! by Lacy Cooke Solar Roadways are finally gaining traction in the United States. Scott and Julie Brusaw have been developing their energy-generating roads for […]

Apparently We CAN run the whole world on solar power.

Can all of the US (and World!) run on solar power? Elon Musk says yes,and the science seems good. Apparently, it won’t even take that much surface area to do it. What this would mean for the US in particular would be energy would be locally produced, no drilling, burning, emissions, by products of creating […]

Have your table charge your smart phone

In the long lasting quest to live greener, use less and at least not cause too much harm I have always thought that our dependence on electronics was a bit of a dodge. The constant charging and re-charging as well as the upgrades seem to far outweigh the slight drop in paper usage and time […]